S.H. Sung Creativity Award


The “S.H. Sung Creativity Award” is established in 2004. It aims at promoting creativity and encouraging Chung Chi students to produce innovative plans on promoting human well-being or improving campus environment. Awarded ideas in previous years include a proposal focusing on waste reduction and management as well as up-cycling in the campus; a design of a headcount system for the school bus in order to shorten the time for boarding and alighting from the vehicles; the idea of building “Piano Stairs” to blend physical exercise and music in our everyday life.



2.1   Nature: The project can be any creative ideas to improve campus environment or to promote human well-being. The award is to encourage creativity only, not for the purpose to realize the project.

2.2   Topic: The topic can be one that concerns College development, campus environment, campus life or living environment in general. Applicants have to submit an innovative idea on resolving the issue. Originality is one of the key elements for selection. Ideas with inter-disciplinary application of knowledge are highly appreciated. Feasibility of ideas will also be considered, yet it is not a must that the project can be realized immediately. Topics are suggested to fulfill one of the following objectives:

- to improve campus environment
- to improve learning atmosphere
- to encourage and enhance community service
- to promote College life
- to contribute to the general life of Hong Kong 

2.3   Applicants:

Individual projects: The applicant must be a Chung Chi student.

Group projects: The project leader and at least half of the applicants must be Chung Chi students. Other members of the group should be undergraduates of the University. A combination of students from various departments is encouraged.



3.1   Supplementary materials to be submitted:

Proposed projects: A written proposal, plus any other supporting materials deemed necessary.

3.2   The supplementary materials may be written in either Chinese or English.



4.1   Insight in analyzing current issue

4.2   Originality of proposed ideas in resolving issue

4.3   Feasibility of proposal

4.4   Clarity and persuasiveness of presentation



5.1   S.H. Sung Creativity Award is open for all Chung Chi students to apply in mid-January every year. Deadline for application is the first Friday of February every year, which is 7 February 2020 (Fri), 3pm for 2018/2019. The application form, written proposal and supplementary materials should be submitted to the Creativity Awards Committee, Room 15, 1/F, Chung Chi College Administration Building before the deadline. Softcopy of the application materials should also be emailed to sa_yan@cuhk.edu.hk.

Application form(Download here)

5.2   Short-listed applicants may be invited for presentations or interviews a month after the application deadline.



6.1   The Awards are divided into three ranks, namely, the First, Second and Third Prizes. The awardees will receive cash prizes of HK$10,000, HK$5,000 and HK$2,000 respectively.

6.2   Each awardee will also be presented an award certificate.

6.3   There may be more than one award for each rank.

6.4   The Prizes will be announced and presented at the College Assembly in April every year, at which the awardees may be required to give a presentation (1-minute video).