"Seeds of Good Deeds" Project Award


The Scheme, established in 2014/2015, awards students who completed projects that contribute to the society. It aims to encourage students to explore contemporary social issues proactively, understand more about Hong Kong, its people and their lives, and do something meaningful to make a difference for our city.



2.1  Nature: The project is an encouragement for Chung Chi students to act as a responsible citizen. Any completed project with topic which is meaningful to the society and related to Hong Kong, demonstrating creativity, is eligible for this award.

2.2   Topic: Any current issue related to Hong Kong.

2.3   Applicants:

Individual projects: The applicant must be a Chung Chi student.

Group projects: The project leader and at least half of the applicants and must be Chung Chi students. Other members of the group should be undergraduates of the University. A combination of students from various departments is encouraged.



3.1   An, either Chinese or English, introduction within 300 words

3.2   Supplementary materials about the project, such as written report or other work that can convey messages. There is no limitation on the presentation media.

3.3   Any projects related to coursework would not be considered.



4.1   Uniqueness of project, relevancy with Hong Kong social issue

4.2   Creativity of plan

4.3   Effectiveness of organization

4.4   Achieving the target

4.5   Convincingness of presentation



5.1   “Seeds of Good Deeds” Project Award is open for all Chung Chi students to apply in mid-January every year. Deadline for application is the first Friday of February every year, i.e. 7 February, 2020, 3pm for 2018/2019. The application materials should be submitted to the Creativity Awards Committee through Room 15, 1/F, Chung Chi College Administration Building, while soft copy of the proposal should be emailed to sa_yan@cuhk.edu.hk.

Application form(Download here)

5.2   Short-listed applicants may be invited for presentations or interviews in March every year.



6.1   The Awards are divided into three ranks, namely, the First, Second and Third Prizes. The awardees will receive cash prizes of HK$10,000, HK$6,000 and HK$3,000 respectively.

6.2   Each awardee will also be presented an award certificate.

6.3   The Prizes will be announced and presented at the College Assembly in April every year, at which the awardees may be required to give a presentation (1-minute video).