College GE for Final-Year Students in 2019/20 -- Pre-registration by March 15

GECC4130 “Senior Seminar” is the capstone course under the College General Education Programme required of Chung Chi undergraduates. It is offered to the following students: students in the 4th year of attendance or above; students admitted with Advanced Standing and approved for reduction of normative study period by one year who are in the 3rd year of attendance or above; and senior-year entrants in the 2nd year of attendance or above.

The course runs in the first semester of every academic year, with its pre-registration and other important preparations carried out in the preceding semester. Detailed course information for 2019/20 is downloadable here.

For the course of 2019/20, pre-registration and grouping will take place in the current semester. Students who would like to attend GECC4130 in 2019/20 Term 1 must pre-register with the College GE Office between March 1 and March 15, 2019, by completing the group registration procedures via the designated online system: For guidelines on the use of the online system, please click here.

Students are advised to make careful and responsible study plan as to which year they will attend the course, especially those who may participate in exchange or internship programmes. No late registration or withdrawal after the close of the pre-course registration on March 15, 2019 will be accepted.

Application to take an alternative course IASP4280 “IASP Senior Seminar” (in English) run by the Office of Academic Links in Term 2 of 2019/20 in substitution for GECC4130 can be considered if with justifiable reasons. Interested students can download an application form here. Application deadline is March 15, 2019.

Chung Chi GE Courses for Freshmen 2018/19

All Chung Chi Year 1 students are required to take a total of 3 units College freshmen GE courses in the 1st term unless an exemption has previously been approved by the College. The enrolment is centrally assigned by the College GE Office via the Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS). Students DO NOT need to register these courses by themselves during the course registration exercise, but SHOULD reserve 3 units as well as the timeslot of 2:30 - 6:15 pm on Fridays in their first term timetable for these classes.

(A) Assignment of Course Packages

Local and non-local students will be respectively assigned to the following course packages with different languages of instruction:


Local freshmen

Idea of a University

2 units

to be conducted in Chinese, mainly Cantonese

Idea of a University: Student-Oriented Teaching

1 unit

to be conducted in Chinese, mainly Cantonese


Non-local freshmen

College, University and Community

2 units

to be conducted in English

College, University and Community: Student-Oriented Teaching

1 unit

to be conducted in Putonghua for Mainland freshmen and in English for other non-local freshmen


(B) Switching of Course Packages

Requests for a change between the GECC1130/GECC1131 and GEJC1120/GEJC1110 packages will ONLY be considered when sufficient reasons are provided and justified. Students concerned should complete a “Course Add/Drop Form for Undergraduate Course 1st Term” (downloadable from the website of Registration and Exams Section and also obtainable at Chung Chi College GE Office) and submit it to Chung Chi College General Education Office, M Floor, Chung Chi College Administration Building no later than 3:00 pm, September 5, 2018 (Wednesday) for consideration.

Late applications may not be considered.

Enquiries: 3943-6445 / 3943-6190